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Troopl connects remarkable people and companies via the magic of referrals.

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Referred candidates
are better candidates

Use referrals to hire more productive, happier employees that stay longer. It's science.

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Reach the unreachable

70% of candidates aren’t actively job seeking and are unreachable via traditional channels. Reach them through their professional network.

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Experience trumps CVs

Working with someone is the best way to know if they’re great at what they do. The second best way is a referral through Troopl.

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Less vetting more getting

Candidates recommended by working professionals are more likely to be a great match. This eliminates time-consuming vetting processes, biased AI systems, and tedious candidate testing.

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Diversity brings diversity

Troopl’s global community connects companies to an incredibly diverse talent pool. Plus, a more diverse workplace is a better performing one.

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Hire with Troopl

Find happier, more productive employees that stay longer.

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Become a Scout

Share job opportunities with your network and be handsomely rewarded.