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Do I need a VAT number to receive my Scout Reward?

Short answer — no

You can receive a Scout Reward without a VAT ID number.

Live in the EU with a VAT number?

Simply send us a VAT invoice (we can provide a template). Details will be confirmed after a successful hire.

Live in the EU without a VAT number?

Simply send us your account information to receive your Scout reward. Please note that your tax status may be affected if you are earning a considerable amount through Troopl (a good problem to have!). We recommend you check with the local tax authorities if you are required to register for VAT.

Live outside the EU?

You may be wondering what the heck a VAT actually is! While it's not specifically relevant to Scouts outside the EU, you still have a responsibility to report the additional Scout Reward earnings on your tax return and pay the necessary taxes based on your country and income bracket. Check with your local tax authorities to determine your requirements.

When will I receive my Scout Reward?

When a company hires someone you endorsed, we will quickly (usually within a few hours) get in touch to arrange transferring the Scout Reward listed on the job post. You can expect to receive the Scout Reward within 30 days of the initial hire.

How do I apply for a VAT number (in The Netherlands)?

I haven't registered before

If you’re not already registered at the KvK, you can register quite easily following this link. The KvK will ask you what kind of registration you prefer (e.g. a sole proprietorship or a BV) and will tell you what steps to take to get registered. This typically involves booking an appointment and bringing certain documents with you. If you apply for a sole proprietorship or freelance registration, you will pay a one-time registration fee of 50€. You should receive your VAT ID within 7 days once completed.

I already have a registered sole proprietorship

If you already have a registered sole proprietorship, you cannot register another one. Instead, you should inform the KvK that you’re engaging in a new business activity. Please make sure to do so within a week, or there might be consequences regarding your liability.

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